Alaska man who shot himself in suicide try, killed girlfriend


An Alaska man faces up to 99 years in prison for killing his girlfriend in a botched suicide attempt.

Victor Sibson, 21, is facing second-degree murder charges for the April death of Brittany-Mae Haag, who prosecutors believed tried to stop him as he put a gun to his left temple, according to The Washington Post.

Sibson then allegedly pulled the trigger. The bullet went behind his left eye, exited his body, and then hit Haag, 22, in the chest.

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Haag staggered over to a neighbor’s door and asked for help. She died later that morning; Sibson survived with serious injuries, making his first court appearance on Tuesday while wearing a helmet. Only one bullet was fired, prosecutors said, but Haag is charged with murder due to “extreme indifference to the value of life.”

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He pleaded not guilty to the charge. Sibson claims he does not remember anything about the shooting.

“I think a lot of it is still hard to grasp of how is it just one bullet, you know?” said Chelsea Hartman, Haag’s sister, to a local news outlet. “And how does it go through one person and then the other person and kill the second person? It’s just not fair.”


  1. It is not just a bullet….it is a bullet travelling 900 MPH. When impacting the body, it causes an internal explosion which wrecks arteries and causes hemorrhaging that results in bleeding to death.


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