Kylie Minogue Accused Of Photoshop Fail (Photo)


Kylie Minogue accused of Photoshop fail by fans after they spot wonky wall in Instagram post.

On Thursday, Australian singer Kylie Minogue shared a photo on Instagram to promote her official calendar for 2018. In the picture, Minogue, 49, leans against a balcony ledge in a gray crop top and high-waisted shorts.

Almost immediately, the pop star was slammed by fans who accused her of Photoshopping her butt to appear larger, Yahoo reported.

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In the comments, some people claimed that the “curved” wall behind Minogue was a dead giveaway that she had digitally altered her body.

One user wrote: “Kylie, the cover’s awful. Photoshop shows. Please fix that.” Another asked, “What is wrong with the chair and the wall behind you?”

Other fans quickly came to Minogue’s defense. “The shadow is being cast by the cover over the balcony which is why the shadow line isn’t straight,” one person commented. “If this were Photoshop, it would be a very sloppy job and no one would allow it to end up on the front of a calendar,” another said.

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Within a few hours, however, the singer shut down her haters with a simple sentence. In a follow-up post, Minogue shared another picture from the same photoshoot in which the “wavy” shadow cast by the balcony’s awning is clearly visible.

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